We Make Protecting Your Garage Floor Simple

Hire Napoli for epoxy coating

Give your garage floor a showroom shine and make it look better than ever with an epoxy coating applied by Napoli Paint Works, Inc. Our specialist relies on 25 years of experience to carefully and effectively coat the floors in your garage and shield it from stains.

We’ll pressure wash your garage floor before applying the epoxy coating. Once it’s applied, we’ll put down flakes before it dries and then apply a top coat.

When you want a more durable garage floor that’s resistant to stains and easier to maintain, count on Napoli Paint Works, Inc. to do the job right.

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Focused on making your space more aesthetically pleasing

You’ve worked hard to establish a successful business and turn your house into a home. Don’t let peeling paint or a warped deck chip away at your curb appeal or scare away customers.

Napoli Paint Works, Inc. is home to the skilled painter you’ve been looking for. You can count on us to:
Power wash the property

  • Seal the pavers
  • Remove wallpaper
  • Remove popcorn ceilings
  • Stain the deck
  • Paint the interior/exterior

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